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Our company history

First of all thank you for your interest.

We Laura, Julia, Jenny, Heiko,Lisa,Lena have been working together since September 1st, 2014.

The company Twitchwire media was founded by us in Weiterstadt.

We are a group of freelancers that is constantly growing.

Our analysis showed us that many agencies have minimum requirements and high commissions.

A lot in 2014.

That's why we started the #free Creator.

As a result, many creators have become aware of the abuses.

Founded her own agency, came to us and many lawsuits were conducted as the 5 largest agencies didn't want to lose.

Our tradition is to fairly lead a company

give the creators a fair chance to support you.

This includes our initial meeting, analysis of contracts, etc.

We refrain from small print. Because plain language is important to us.

We have been working with 10% commission since the beginning.

We combine the classic agency, label and shop.

Anyone can work with us.

Why are we not a GmbH only UG.

Our system is clear, we think long-term.

So we prefer to drive small cars and no sports cars.

It is important to think carefully about how to use money as a resource.

That's why the core team don't pays a salary. 

Thanks to the account system, we have a high credit rating.

Our backup account (share capital) is very well filled to avoid insolvencies.

Our office?

We in home office , we produce our content from home.

We work in a way that conserves resources.

Our experiences?

We work with many brands, creators.

And are always looking for new partners.

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